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Frequently Asked Questions

The health and well being of each kitten is paramount to us. We pride ourselves on bringing you the very finest Persians and Himalayans anywhere!

Please take the time to read the following information as it will answer many question you may have and will help make the kitten's transition from our home to it's forever home much more enjoyable.

We are located in sunny Florida and offer shipping to the United States and Canada. We also offer local pick up in the Tampa Bay Area by appointment only. Due to several incidences of breeders being hurt/robbed and one even killed in their home, we will only see potential buyers by appointment at our convenience and only after you provide us with your full name, address and a telephone number to reach you. We do not see buyer's at last minute or spur of the moment. For final pick up we offer to meet with you in the Tampa area at a designated safe location of our choosing for the Pick Up of your new kitten (after a deposit is made) and for final payment.

*Price of Kittens:
The price of each kitten depends on the quality of the kitten and the time of year. A brief description is listed with the photos. Our kittens are high end, top quality, well cared for, well socialized, good with children and other animals and very affectionate. Our prices range from $650.00 and goes up from there. If we are to ship a kitten the price of shipping is an additional $275.00 per kitten. We ship using a pet friendly temperature controlled airline. Kittens being shipped must be paid in full 1 (one) week prior to scheduled delivery. We only accept cash, checks (which must clear before shipping), money orders or cashiers checks for final payment. We use Pay Pal only for reserving a kitten, no exceptions.

*Reserving a kitten:
We will only reserve a kitten with a deposit which is non refundable (so make sure you really want the kitten before you leave a deposit) via Pay Pal, deducted from total price of kitten. If for any reason you are unable to pay for the kitten after you leave a deposit the kitten will be made available to the next interested buyer. Please respect the fact that our passion is Persians and Himalayans and we take a lot of time, love, energy, effort and money into breeding the very best. The price per kitten reflects the quality of the kitten and amount of time and money put into each kitten. All kittens are given vaccines at the appropriate times before it leaves our home, all of our breeding Persians and Himalayans have been PKD tested which means all of our kittens are born PKD negative. Our kittens will come with a care package which includes a small blanket and toys along with a sample of the food the kitten is currently eating and any special instructions. Once a kitten leaves our home we do not take a kitten back or give refunds should you decide you do not want the kitten. All sales are final.

*Things to Consider:
There are many things to consider before you purchase your newest family member. Persians/Himalayans require care like regular brushing and periodic professional grooming as well as Veterinarian visits for exams and vaccinations. Our kitten contract requires you to Spay/Neuter and keep your Persian/Himalayan indoors. There are many dangers of letting a kitten roam outside, for one they could catch a deadly disease from a stray animal, get lost/stolen or worse killed. Our Spay/Neuter contract prevents unwanted pregnancies and protects our lines of Persians and Himalayans from being breed without a breeding contract.

*Our Health Guarantee Responsibility:
Once a kitten leaves our cattery our responsibility to our buyer is a one year health guarantee from any deadly genetic diseases. If a kitten is found to have a deadly genetic disease within the first year of life, we will offer you another kitten of equal value upon proof from a Licensed Veterinarian stating the exact cause of death along with an autopsy. If a kitten of equal value is not available within (8) eight months, we will refund purchase price of kitten. Our health guarantee does not include minor basic health issues or standard yearly vaccines from feline diseases that is treatable by your local Veterinarian. Basic care for you new kitten may include treatment for fleas, ear mites, regular brushing and professional grooming as well as standard vaccines as needed. Once you take ownership this becomes your responsibility.

*Your Health Guarantee Responsibility:
We require that you take your new kitten to a Veterinarian within 72 hrs. after final purchase. Failure to do so will render our Health Guarantee null and void. A copy of the Veterinarian Exam must be mailed to us within 7 days after purchase. We will retain a copy of the health exam and purchase contract in our records for one (1) year.

Every kitten is susceptible to many deadly and disabling infectious diseases if not treated to prevent and protect them, even indoor kittens.

As a concerned and responsible pet owner it is important to have your kitten regularly vaccinated at the appropriate times and is your responsibility once you take ownership of one our kittens to do so.

We sell only kittens that have a clean bill of health from our Veterinarian of any infectious diseases, all kittens will have the appropriate vaccinations before they leave our home which includes first set of shots at 8 (eight) weeks, sometimes second set of vaccines and treatment for fleas.

*Blue Slip Papers:
Our kittens come with CFA papers. At time of purchase we require you to sign a Spay/Neuter Agreement as outlined in our Purchase Contract, which requires your Veterinarian's signature at the time of altering. Once your kitten has been Spayed or Neutered, you are required to mail a copy of the form back to us and we will promptly mail your registration papers.

*Breeding Rights:
We offer breeding rights to those interested in breeding, we do require several things from an interested breeder such as references, work history, and place of residence. Our prices for purchasing a kitten with breeding rights range from $600.00 per kitten and goes up from there which is additional from the purchase price. There is a separate contract for breeder's rights. We are selective with whom we sell breeding rights to.

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